Saturday, January 10, 2015

Old Spares Concert film teaser

Here is a foretaste of the wonderful Old Spares concert film that is due this winter.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Sho shan y la dama oscura is selected for Cinefest Global 2014

Vision Forum Film is proud to announce that Sho shan y la dama oscura has been selected for Cinefest Global 2014. We want to congratulate the whole team to this great success!

 Sho-Shan and the Dark Lady, is a full length fiction film about a young girl with Asperger syndrome who is accused of a violent crime. The film is directed by Carlos Preciado Cid. Vision Forum members Yang Tingting and Diana Ionescu have worked on the film in Mexico City 2013. More info here and here.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Yang Tingting and Per Huttner in Beirut

Swedish artist Per Huttner invites the citizens of Beirut to the screening of a short film entitled "the Silence" that the artist has created specifically for the Volume project. The project is a collaboration with cinematographer and director Yang Tingting and looks at how metaphysics and politics of our everyday lives dialogue to shape our existence. Huttner introduces an imaginary silence that mystically descends on the inhabitants of the city and stops them from both uttering or hearing any sounds. In the film we follow women who are mysteriously trapped in a library and who follow the political changes that take place outside as a crippling silence descends on the city and their lives. Drawing from Ingemar Bergman and Louis Buñuel. The Silence is both a reflection on the library, Huttner’s Nordic upbringing and creates a wedge between imagination and reality that compels us to reflect on values that we normally take for granted.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Dark Light at Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival

Vision Forum Film is proud to announce that the short film "Dark Light" by Per Hüttner has been selected for the Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival, 16-30 September, 2014. "Dark Light" was created by artist Per Hüttner's project for the 33e Panorama da arte brasileira in Sao Paulo in 2013. It was filmed in Trinidad in the same year with a local producer and local actors and the project is a collaboration with cinematographer and director Yang Tingting.

In the film, we follow two men who inhabit the same space and who still cannot see or communicate with each other. Through a discovery on the beach, one of the two men finds a tool that allows the two to communicate. "Dark Light" asks questions about how we can influence our lives in positive ways and particularly how a small shift in our outlook on existence can change the very fabric our how we live. In the era of self-help books and consumerism we often look for outside influences (education, work, marriage, travel) to change, while Hüttner suggests that a small change in our perspective on the world can have a far bigger impact.

Equally, the film suggests that the solutions to our problems usually lie closer than we expect and asks what can be done collectively to make these visible. It looks at how people who similarly live very different lives can become united through new discoveries and novel links. However, in order to do so, we need to keep an open mind and an open spirit.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Li Xiaofei and Per Hüttner in Munich


Lise Kolstad Yuen, Li Xiaofei, Per Hüttner, Liu Guangyun, Chen Hangfeng, Tang Maohong and Xiang Liqing

Opening: Friday, 9th May, 7 pm with COLLABORATION_6 catalogue release

Städtisches Atelierhaus
50 Margarete Schuette-Lihotzky Strasse
30D-80807 München

Opening hours: Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 3 till 6 pm and by appointment

Filmabend (screening programe with Chinese video-films)
Fraunhoferstr. 9
80469 München

Saturday, 10th May, 6 - 8 pm:

“Change & Exchange” Exhibition results from the rapid social and economic growth of China and the manifestation of the spiritual state of Chinese people. From the spring of 2014 onward, seven artists from China will stay in Munich for a month during which the they will compose works for exhibition in halle50 through detailed observation on the city’s specific scenery.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Li Xiaofei in Shangahi

Crabs and Chocolate — Li Xiaofei Solo Exhibition

Opening:Feb 22, 2014 (Saturday) at 5-8pm
Exhibition Date: Feb 22-March 26, 2014
Venue: Room 207, Bldg 4, No. 50 Moganashan Lu, Putuo, Shanghai 
Curator: Rebecca Catching
Organizer: OV Gallery
Special thanks to: Fei Contemporary Art Center (FCAC), Chronos Art Center
“Crabs and Chocolate” is the latest itineration in Li Xiaofei’s “Assembly Line,” project. “Assembly line began in 2010, and in his investigation of the industrial, Li has visited hundreds of factories in the Yangtze River Delta Region. The show will feature a few of these works—a mesmerizing textile factory, and some intimate close-ups of workers Guangzhou.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Private screening of The River by Yang Tingting at CNEMA (please pre-book your seat here) at Norrköping, 7pm, October 24, 2013.  The screening is followed by a release party with DJ for the first Vision Forum Film publication at Visualiserings Center C. The event is organized by the designer of the book, Erik Månsson. More info here.